Summer News from Pastificio Bacchini® and Laboratorio Tortellini®: New Pasta Shapes from Sicily and Sardinia

With a focus on continuous research and respect for tradition, Surgital is proud to present two new products from the brand Laboratorio Tortellini®, Gnocchetti Sardi – Malloreddus, and from Pastificio Bacchini® , the Y315 – Busiate, ideal for enhancing summer menus in 2024.

Gnocchetti Sardi – Malloreddus: Tradition Revisited

The first novelty concerns the Gnocchetti Sardi – Malloreddus. In this new format, we have created a pasta “more similar to the traditional Gnocchetto Sardo – Malloreddus, with a more elongated and larger shape.

But the innovations do not stop at the shape.
The recipe has been further refined, using only durum wheat semolina and water, completely eliminating soft wheat. This gives the pasta an authentic texture and flavor, perfect for restaurateurs who want to offer their customers a genuine and traditional dish.

Y315 – Busiate: The Taste of Sicily on Your Plate

The second proposal, Y315 – Busiate, is the result of a long process of analysis and study.

This typical Sicilian pasta stands out for its helical shape, which expertly captures the sauce, and its length, which makes it a perfect short pasta of tradition. The Busiate are not only ideal for hot dishes, but they are also perfectly suited for “cold preparations,” making them versatile for the various needs of food service.

Innovation and Tradition for Summer 2024

With these two new references, Surgital is preparing to face summer 2024 with a proposal that combines tradition and innovation. Whether it’s a restaurant looking for authentic flavors or a food service professional wanting to offer fresh and genuine dishes, the Gnocchetti Sardi – Malloreddus and Busiate represent the ideal choice.

Surgital thus continues its mission to bring the quality and excellence of fresh Italian pasta to the world, opening new paths without ever forgetting its roots. We invite all industry professionals to discover and experiment with these new delights, to make every dish a tribute to our rich culinary tradition.

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