Surgital at Tuttofood with the latest products Sugosi® and Laboratorio Tortellini® – Alta Tradizione

On display at the stand will be Truffle Sauce, Troccoli and Linguine with vegetable, peas and lentils, the company's first entirely plant-based product

Lavezzola (RA), April 2023 – Surgital will again be making an appearance this year at TuttoFood, the Milan trade show for the agri-food sector (8-11 May 2023, FieraMilano). This is now a fixed appointment, consolidating both our role as a leader in the world of deep-frozen fresh pasta and ready sauces, and our stronghold in the Lombardy capital, a crossroads and the beating heat of international food trends. At the show, Surgital will present a showcase of all its main products, with a focus on the three most recent new products, which are very different from each other: Truffle Sauce from Sugosi®, our range of anti-waste deep-frozen condiments in nuggets – pepite®, and two recipes from Laboratorio Tortellini® – Alta Tradizione, Surgital long-running line: Troccoli, traditional triangular spaghetti from Apulia, and Linguine with vegetable, peas and lentils, Surgital first entirely plant-based product.

The Sugosi® Truffle Sauce is part of the Prestigiosi line, which complements the Grandi Classici range. The truffle is its true protagonist: accompanied by very few other ingredients, it blends into a creamy, velvety sauce that encapsulates its fragrance and flavour. Even the texture is unique: the precious fungus is added
to the recipe in flakes, which remain intact and keep their consistency on the palate. It is as practical as all our other Sugosi® sauces: just take the number of nuggets – pepite® – needed from the freezer and let your creativity loose, combining quality and a high level of service.

Our Troccoli from Laboratorio Tortellini® – Alta Tradizione is a new spaghetti, typical of Apulia, with a triangular cross-section, made with durum wheat semolina. Its name comes from its twisted shape, formed by a traditional rolling pin called a troccolaturo. Rustic and thick, our new Troccoli should be cooked al dente, and pairs well with rich, strong-flavoured sauces. Troccoli will delight the palate with its shape and unique texture, which Surgital master pasta makers have managed to recreate and then deep-freeze.

Finally, one of our most contemporary, innovative products: Linguine with vegetable, peas and lentils is the first entirely plant-based recipe from Laboratorio Tortellini® – Alta Tradizione. A revolutionary product, into which the company has channelled all its expertise in the world of deep-frozen fresh pasta, to offer restaurants an alternative to traditional pasta. It has already been tested with great success on the American market, where the consumption of plant-based food is on the rise. An option suitable for everyone: those who love to experiment and vary their diet, vegans, and also those who pay careful attention to their nutrition, since it contains no saturated fatty acids and is a great source of fibre.

Three recently-launched new products that symbolise the variety Surgital is able to offer, for a broad, modern range that satisfies the company’s diverse customer base, from restaurant chefs to the managers of many different types of establishments.

Surgital @TUTTOFOOD, 8-11 maggio 2023 FieraMilano – Pad. 6P – Stand A09 B18.

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