Scrigni carbonara

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, barn eggs.

Ingredients (filling): pasteurized fresh whole milk, guanciale (pork jowl) di Norcia 18%, Pecorino Romano DOP cheese, barn egg yolk, potato starch, bread, food gelatine, extra-virgin olive oil, pepper, garlic.

Cooking times in boiling water: 2
You can find the product in:
Divine Creazioni®
Product information
Code :
Storage time (-18 ° C):
18 months
Weight per piece:
16-20 g
Recommended serving by weight:
125 g
Yield per serving after cooking (%):
Length of each piece:
53-60 mm
Weight per piece:
38-47 mm
Percentage of pasta (%):
Percentage of filling (%):
7 trays of 16 pieces each
No. of servings per carton:
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