Sugosi: the secret ingredient

Deep-frozen in nuggets, Sugosi's 15 recipes embrace the finest traditions and top quality of Italian cuisine with its seasonings. the two lines, I Grandi Classici and I Prestigiosi, offer you top-quality sauces and creams that perfectly meet all your cooking requirements.
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Bauletti with swordfish and lime

Perfection is not a destination but a journey. This is how the already very popular swordfish filling combined with notes of fresh lime. To bring out its refined texture, everything has been enclosed in the most suitable format: the bauletto. Its notched edges display all the unevenness typical of pasta made with a fluted pasta cutter wheel and which give it that artisanal look to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. 

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Triangoletti with Parmigiano Reggiano

What happens when a sheet of folded dough wraps itself around an all-Italian filling of Parmigiano Reggiano matured for 36 months, fresh whole milk and mascarpone? An explosion of sensations that offer an intense velvety visual and gustatory experience. With its creamy soft Parmigiano Reggiano cream and artisanal shape, Triangoletto proves how versatile it is at pairing with any seasoning. Whatever the situation, it will always give of its best.
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fresh egg pasta Fusilloni

The traditions of South of Italy just got even richer. Typical dry pasta Fusillo has now transformed into a larger, richer format. Pasta is now fresh pasta, and with added colour and taste, all thanks to eggs from barn-raised hens. Now twisting 7 times around itself, amazingly it can hold any kind of sauce and comes in a larger size, which has increased its tastiness, although not its cooking time, which is just 5 minutes.
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Our specialties made with durum wheat semolina pasta and eggs, enriched with savoury traditional sauces, conquer an even bigger format to delight even the most gourmands.
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