Every meeting is an event, every event is a meeting.

Every event organized by us is a precious opportunity to spread Italian traditions and food and wine heritage and make contact with businesses operating in the sector, creating a shared space where insights, ideas and tips can intermingle. Because ours is a business nourished by the experiences of those who, every day, choose the guarantee of tradition.
Where we are

Headquarter and plant:
Surgital Spa
Via Bastia 16/1 48017 Lavezzola (RA)
Emilia-Romagna ITALIA

Surgital France sarl
62-64 Cours Albert Thomas
69008 Lyon - France

Surgital America Inc.
350 Fifth Avenue 41st Floor
New York, NY 10118 USA
Customer service:
5301 Beethoven Street, Suite 170
Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA


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