We are pasta makers, we are entrepreneurs, and we are a family.

Our story is that of generations of pasta makers who have passed the tradition of fresh handmade Italian pasta down from parents to children. It all began in a small fresh pasta workshop in Emilia-Romagna which then went on to export its expertise to the whole world. The passion for quality and family intuition have led the company to patent innovative food production equipment and plant, and to choose deep-freezing from the outset as the best technique for preserving artisanal fresh pasta and its organoleptic properties. All this, to ensure an excellent product and high levels of service to the catering sector.
From small artisan workshop to family Bottega.
Laboratorio Artigianale Tortellini was born: a small workshop where Romana Tamburini produced and sold retail fresh handmade pasta. A few years later, Edoardo Bacchini patented the first industrial Garganelli-making machine capable of replicating the unique movements used in making it by hand.
In 1990, Laboratorio Tortellini® SRL was the first industrial site with a 1,000 sqm production area.
A dream to fulfil: becoming ambassadors of Made in Italy.
Then came compliance with HACCP guidelines, the first of numerous certifications obtained in the field of safety, product health, company organization and respect for the environment. 
In 1995 came the turning point: we chose the name Surgital to express in one word the two key concepts of the business: Italian traditions and deep-freezing, the best method to preserve the organoleptic properties of the fresh pasta without preservatives and additives.
'Time-saving' - a response for fast catering.
Fiordiprimi® was launched - the deep-frozen ready meals line targeted at fast catering for the bar channel, bringing the favourite recipes of local cuisine to these restaurants and bars.
Just a microwave, and in a few minutes the finest traditional Italian dishes are ready to taste. In the meantime, we become a benchmark made in Italy for the foodservice channel worldwide.
When research leads to excellent results.
The R & D research centre was inaugurated to be a meeting place for biologists and production technicians who work to make the pasta dough gently veined just as it would if rolled with a rolling pin.
In addition, a team of top-level chefs create new types of fresh pasta with special ingredients and constantly new combinations.
Surgital: a place to taste, to learn and to innovate.
In 2004, our Divine Creazioni® premium line, a superlative pasta like no other dedicated to quality catering, was created.
In 2007 our offering was completed by Sugosi®, the finest traditional Italian sauce recipes deep-frozen in pellets. 
2009 saw the founding of De Gusto, Surgital's Pasta Academy (Ateneo della pasta), where new ideas come to life with a respect for tradition.

Love for our region as the main ingredient.
The trigeneration 6,000 kW/h power plant fed by methane came into operation, plus the new 1,000 kw/h photovoltaic system.
A clean energy self-production plant with oil-free turbine technology (a spin-off from an outer space patent) came into operation, along with a new fully automated storage warehouse of 70,000 cubic metres.
When innovation ennobles and pays homage to the past.
A new pre-cooking line was launched, plus the second fully automated Divine Creazioni® production line.
In 2018 the production of pre-cooked rice began under the Pastasì® Soluzioni Express brand.
Surgital obtains Industry 4.0 certification and begins work on the expansion of its production capacity (+3,500 m2). We launch a new brand directed at domestic consumers, Piacere Mio!
Surgital continues to fly the flag for traditional fresh pasta and the culinary tradition of Emilia-Romagna and Italy in over 60 countries. We are a continuously-evolving company which never loses sight of tradition. Every type of pasta we produce - long, short, filled, special formats and regional favourites - celebrates the origins, history and future of Italian cooking in tables all over the world.
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