Scrigni filled with Porcini mushrooms, white asparagus puntarelle and potato and marrow cream

For the asparagus: delicately strip the asparagus using a paring knife, then cut it lengthwise into very thin strands so it looks like asparagus chicory. Soak the strands in iced water until they curl up, then drain them and toss them in the extra-virgin olive oil, in which you have previously steeped the anchovy and chopped garlic with salt and pepper.

For the potato and marrow cream: put the veal shank in a pot with the celery, carrot and onion, the peeled potato and juniper berries and fill almost to the brim with water. Boil for approximately 2 hours, or until the meat is very tender. Remove the marrow from the bone and switch in a blender with the potato and 3 ladles of the cooking liquid: the resulting mixture should be smooth and even, not too thick.
Cook the Scrigni filled with Porcini mushrooms in plenty of salted boiling water, drain and sauté them in butter. Serve the Scrigni filled with Porcini mushrooms on a bed of potato and marrow cream, topped with the white asparagus puntarelle.
Ingredients for 4 people
560 g Scrigni filled with Porcini mushrooms
50 g butter

For the puntarelle:
200 g white asparagus
2 anchovies in olive oil
extra-virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

For the potato and marrow cream:
600 g veal shank
100 g celery, carrot and onion
500 g potatoes
5-6 juniper berries
salt and white pepper
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