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We chose immediately to dedicate ourselves to the HO RE CA sector combining product excellence with unique service features. We are right there with restaurateurs all over the world in their kitchens with our fresh Italian pasta in all its forms and with traditional recipes of excellent quality, but we also devote ourselves to a series of educational and creative activities and projects linked to individual brands and specific sales channels, involving Michelin star chefs, restaurant owners, catering companies or individual bartenders. Here are the ongoing projects.

Presentation training courses with Fiordiprimi® Academy.

Fiordiprimi® Academy was born out of our experience and collaboration with Ad Horeca, an academy offering very comprehensive and innovative training built around the needs of HO RE CA channel professionals with courses focusing on 5 strategic areas: food, beverage, bartending, cafeteria and management. The courses are aimed at professionals of the bar and fast catering channel in order to help them learn how to better enhance every Fiordiprimi® ready meal in their own establishments to deliver results which are impeccable from the point of view of flavour and creative in their combinations and presentation. The focus is also on the management of food cost and on the opportunity to transform deep-frozen single-portions into many tasty mini portions to be presented as an aperitif and alternative appetizer at low cost.

Divine Creazioni® mastershow: creativity to the chefs!

Divine Creazioni® is the brand of ours that best represents our innovativeness, Italian excellence, and our creativity in the choice of D.O.P. ingredients and new combinations. This is why it is the pasta like no other and is aimed at the quality catering sector. Divine Creazioni® Mastershows are events where Michelin star chefs interpret our pasta through unique and magical creations. Moments of pure joy and sharing between the main players in international catering which led to the creation of a travel diary with over 100 signature recipes. The personal interpretation that Divine Creazioni® was able to inspire in each chef who took part. A journey through flavour that is destined to repeat and renew itself with every taste, in every cuisine in the world, according to the personal creativity of the Michelin star chefs involved.
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