Surgital is ready to come out of confinement and our clients can't wait to start eating out again. But restaurants, consumers and the whole food service sector will face a scenario that's very different from the months preceding lockdown. Our clients' habits have changed, and restaurant owners, suppliers and vendors will have to adapt to new market trends. 

At Surgital, we intend to give our partners and the companies we work with all the support we can by providing tools and strategies to help them get their businesses up and running again. That's why we created Fermento, a project for sharing tips and ideas for a new, smarter and more efficient approach to food service that takes the transition in its stride.


Covid-19 has profoundly affected the food service sector both on the demand and the supply sides. We have to interpret the new business context properly to set up productive dialogue with our clients and make our sales force more efficient than ever.  

Our aim is to make our sales force help cooks and restaurant owners in a proactive fashion, and we're mobilizing all internal channels of communication to re-orient our sales strategy towards product performance. 
We'll provide all the materials you need for positive and productive vendor-client communication, with updates on rules and regulations applicable to the food service sector in the post-lockdown period, tips to increase motivation, and all the reasons why you should put Surgital and its products at the centre of your business as it emerges from lockdown. All you need, in fact, to create Fermento!


Fermento is a media campaign directed mainly at our clients - small restaurateurs, Michelin-starred chefs, bar and bistro owners and managers of larger food service operations such as canteens and catering businesses. The assistance provided by our sales force will be complemented by content that we'll be posting in our social media feeds and newsletter, and that you'll hopefully find useful for managing the many aspects of your food service business in the coming transition period. 
By keeping informed of new consumer trends, for example, you'll be able to adapt your menus and seating arrangements accordingly. And our tips and recommendations on using deep-frozen products can help you form new strategies for better organizing your kitchen operations, optimizing time and resources.  
Let's get things going again. Let's Fermento!

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