The workshop of tradition.

Our family comes from generations of pasta makers who have passed down the tradition of the fresh handmade Italian pasta of Emilia-Romagna from parents to children. Today we are an international company focused on the foodservice sector and we make our products together with over 340 employees while retaining the same values that have been the basis of our business success: carefully selected raw materials, the same organoleptic characteristics from the artisan tradition, and ultra-fast deep-freezing. A first-rate company in terms of products and processes, we strive to constantly improve productivity with no loss of flavour or quality in the final product.
Made of pasta

The Surgital Vision.

Our vision is to bring fresh pasta to every kitchen in the world. We started from a small artisan fresh pasta workshop to then go on to become the benchmark for the HO RE CA sector in its various forms: restaurants, bars, catering, canteen, mobile catering. Our range of brands and recipes is wide and diversified specifically to adapt to the service requirements of our end customers: from premium products and D.O.P. ingredients for Michelin star chefs and gourmet cuisine, sauces in pellets and pre-cooked pasta for collective catering up to ready meals for fast catering and bars.
Made of people

La Mission di Surgital.

Our mission is to produce on a large scale while remaining faithful to the artisan experience of fresh handmade pasta with unique machines, designed to faithfully replicate the work of the human hand. The ingredients are processed internally by dedicated teams, which check their quality before using them, and our plants are manned by experts in artisanal preparation of the product to adjust the machines perfectly according to the characteristics of the pasta and the different fillings, as would happen in an artisan fresh pasta workshop. The moulds for the different types of pasta are customized to make our pasta authentic as traditional Italian recipes demand.
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The Italy of which Surgital is made.

Italy is beauty. Warmth. Passion. Tradition. Italy is not simply a country but a way of life. A thing of excellence which, through our products, we love to bring into kitchens all over the world every day. And we at Surgital are a part of this Italy. We are made of Italy. Through our “Made of Italy” logo we express pride in our country, together with the desire to preserve and promote Italian culture and traditional Italian food through our products by serving fresh pasta in all its forms at bars and restaurants internationally.

The tradition of hospitality.

Our company was born and grew on the appreciation of tradition and love
for our land, Emilia-Romagna, with its great culinary traditions. Hospitality, entrepreneurship and quality in the kitchen are all part of what we are. That's why we dedicated ourselves with passion to the world of HO RE CA. Our way of doing business involves opening up to the world and welcoming the new, without ever forgetting the importance of company values and the good traditional rules from artisanal fresh handmade pasta. We are a constantly evolving workshop, a place where chefs, biologists, tradition and innovation, dexterity and technology meet and blend.
Where we are

Headquarter and plant:
Surgital Spa
Via Bastia 16/1 48017 Lavezzola (RA)
Emilia-Romagna ITALIA

Surgital France sarl
62-64 Cours Albert Thomas
69008 Lyon - France

Surgital America Inc.
350 Fifth Avenue 41st Floor
New York, NY 10118 USA
Customer service:
5301 Beethoven Street, Suite 170
Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA


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