A company of quality products and processes.

Ours is an Italian family business that places priority on employee safety at work, sustainable production, and investments in our local community and domestic and international charitable initiatives. Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability is evidenced by our internal code of ethics which has been developed over many years. By exporting our fresh pasta around the world, we are promoting the culture and values of a solid business whose products, production facilities and processes are of certified quality.

Food quality and safety: a family value.

Whether fresh pasta, ready meals or sauces in pellets, our entire production facility meets food safety rules to ensure the health of consumers. This is a commitment that involves all our employees in the safety-at-work and respects the self-check plans built on the HACCP method. Our Integrated Management System complies with the most important voluntary certifications regarding corporate organization (ISO9001), respect for the environment (ISO14001), social responsibility (SA 8000) and the stricter requirements defined by BRC and IFS food safety international standards. Each raw material is purchased from qualified suppliers to ensure a constant quality level, while certain products also have organic farming certification and religious food certifications, such as Halal and Kosher.
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We knead fresh pasta dough using sustainable energy.

Here at Surgital, we base our constant growth on energy efficiency so as to preserve the surrounding environment by reducing the impact of our production activities and using alternative energy. In accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, we generate all the energy we need and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions through three innovative clean-energy production plants: a 1,000 kW/h photovoltaic system, a quadrigeneration plant fuelled by methane with an electrical power of 6,000 kW/h, and a 600 kW/h power plant with three oil-free turbines, the spinoff from an outer space patent. We use purifiers and reduce water consumption by means of a reverse osmosis system that reuses the exhaust system as a coolant for our plant. Each one of our initiatives is looking forward to the future with confidence in terms of the well-being of the end-consumer, respect for the environment we live in, and preserving everyone's quality of life.

A healthy safe working environment to grow in.

Ensuring the safety and trust of the people who work with us has always been one of our priorities. Our successes are inextricably linked to the involvement of all stakeholders: shareholders, employees and contractors, suppliers, customers and consumers, trade unions and public authorities. In line with this belief, we have since 2011 been embedding within our integrated management system the principles of health and safety at work and the requirements of the Social Accountability 8000 international standard which was created to protect workers' rights and improve their working conditions, thus fostering a corporate culture based on a set of shared principles. Transparency in communicating objectives and results achieved is part of the process of loss-prevention, sustainability and risk management that we follow every day as part of continuous improvement.

From Emilia-Romagna to the world: sponsorship and donations.

We were born in Lavezzola in Emilia-Romagna, our place of origin, but also of our future. And it is precisely those homespun values that have made our success possible by welcoming, sharing and enhancing the heritage of Italian food and wine. This is why we help areas which are less rich and fortunate than ours through solidarity initiatives, and by collaborating with the Italian national food bank programme and various NGOs. We have always sponsored numerous local and national festivals in Italy to preserve the richness of our regional culture and support sports initiatives aimed at educating young people about a healthy life-style. In addition to this, we invest in stakeholder training in collaboration with universities and organize competitions and training events aimed at hotel school students and chefs to help contribute to their vocational training.
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