Technology that learns from human movement.

The quality of our products is ensured by the selection of pasta and fillings ingredients at source, and by latest generation production plants operated under the careful control of professional specialists. From the shape of the moulds, personalized recipe by recipe, to the temperature and humidity of the rooms, every detail is aligned towards faithfully reproducing the traditional movements used in producing the handmade artisanal product.

The quality of pasta dough of yesteryear.

In Surgital we have been pasta makers for generations: this is why our deep-frozen fresh pasta is produced from a great, elastic, strong sheet of pasta dough produced in a warm humid environment under the eyes of our master pasta makers. Our professionals combine modern technology with experience and manage the production of different types of recipes and fresh pasta, adjusting it even for external weather conditions.

Fine ingredients for fresh pasta and fillings.

The goodness of our ready meals and our deep-frozen fresh pasta is assured by the fine ingredients that we choose for producing our Italian recipes: whole ingredients, fresh or deep-frozen, processed directly at the company to make dough, sauces, fillings of meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. We use durum wheat semolina processed in the best Italian mills and at least five fresh pasteurized eggs per kilo of durum wheat semolina to ensure the cookability that is essential for fresh pasta use in large-scale catering.

Product deep-freezing — a healthy, wholesome technique.

We have always chosen cold as our only ally in preserving product quality. Thanks to innovative IQF (individual quick frozen) technology, following its pasteurization to ensure hygiene standards, the deep-freezing of the pasta takes place very quickly through cooling tunnels with parameters and methods adjusted for each product type. The uniform crystallization of the water molecules contained in the products during industrial deep-freezing makes it possible to preserve the foods' nutritional and organoleptic properties (flavour, smell, colour and texture) without the addition of preservatives and additives for a quality, long-lasting, traditional fresh pasta, ideal for keeping food cost under control in the HO RE CA sector.

R & D — the creative workshop where fresh pasta evolves.

The Surgital Research & Development Centre is where chemical and bacteriological analyses are carried out by the team of biologists on the quality of incoming raw materials and the finished product. Chefs and biologists work together, in a space dedicated to the quality of deep-frozen fresh pasta that we produce and in search of new dishes and recipes in line with the taste of modern consumers and with the needs of modern professional catering. Our fresh pasta is evolving with us thanks to experienced professionals who preserve tradition while looking to the future.
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