The most indispensable sheets after the ones in the recipe book.

When it comes to lasagna, we talk about Prontosfoglia®, the exclusive Surgital line of deep-frozen pre-cooked dough sheets, perfect for the preparation of cannelloni and timballi.

More than just a pasta, it's the chef's assistant

Why are Prontosfoglia® yellow and Prontosfoglia® green so helpful? Because, thanks to pre-cooking, cooking time is very short, and all that's needed to go ahead with the preparation of the desired recipes is to defrost the pasta. In addition, each sheet is divided from the other by film for ease of use.

Only three ingredients.

Prontosfoglia® sheets are made using only durum wheat semolina, for a more compact, soft and durable dough, fresh pasteurized eggs and water. Just as tradition demands.

Lasagna e cannelloni express.

Making lasagna and cannelloni has never been easier and faster! 
Five layers of ragout, béchamel sauce and Prontosfoglia® covered with Parmesan cheese are all that's needed to make the perfect lasagna. And, for delicious cannelloni, all that's needed is to stuff pasta squares according to taste and then cover them with béchamel sauce and Parmesan cheese. Half an hour in the oven and two great Italian traditional classics are ready to taste.
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Welcome to the pasta academy.

De Gusto® is much more than a school or a kitchen: it is the place where we welcome the new here at Surgital, where things happen. It is an open door workshop where we invite customers, suppliers and collaborators to see how we work, actively engaging them in an exchange of experience and expertise. The Surgital experience has its roots in the heritage of traditional Italian food but is always ready to renew and evolve through the careful analysis of new culinary trends and a novel system designed specifically to repeat as faithfully as possible the movements of the chefs and the human hand to improve production performance without ever renouncing product excellence.
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