La Sfoglina®

The tradition of fresh pasta on Italians' tables.

La Sfoglina® is the line of deep-frozen fresh pasta in practical 500g bags that Surgital wanted to target at domestic consumer. To create good homemade traditional recipes, the range includes filled pasta and oven pasta in addition to sheets of ready-rolled pasta.
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A name, a guarantee.

The name “Sfoglina” is redolent of good taste and savoir-faire, and evokes the traditional persona from Emilia Romagna who had the tricky task of rolling out the dough for tortelloni, tagliatelle and tortellini. La Sfoglina® makes it possible to serve up authentically flavoured ready-to-bake specialities or fresh golden tasty pasta to create imaginative recipes. Give your home aromas of happy memories

Beautiful without and rich within.

A golden yellow dough, obtained by employing a high number of eggs per kilo
of flour, offers the palate rich genuine fillings with ingredients purchased directly in the original places of production and processed inside our plant. Each raw material is strictly checked by biologists who verify its quality and is stored in dedicated storage compartments.

A few minutes to discover the traditions of a lifetime.

Just a couple of minutes preparation and you can serve up the aromas and flavours of home cooking. With La Sfoglina® it is always Sunday.
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Welcome to the pasta academy.

De Gusto® is much more than a school or a kitchen: it is the place where we welcome the new here at Surgital, where things happen. It is an open door workshop where we invite customers, suppliers and collaborators to see how we work, actively engaging them in an exchange of experience and expertise. The Surgital experience has its roots in the heritage of traditional Italian food but is always ready to renew and evolve through the careful analysis of new culinary trends and a novel system designed specifically to repeat as faithfully as possible the movements of the chefs and the human hand to improve production performance without ever renouncing product excellence.
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