How can you prepare a special menu for the holidays, with new, unusual and sophisticated flavours, but also cut down on the time and work in the kitchen? It’s simple: by choosing the perfect secret ingredient, the sauces and creams from the Sugosi® line by Surgital.

Your cheesecake will, in this way, be wearing the bold and spicy aromas of Cacio e pepe Sugosi® - i Grandi Classici; added to the delicacy of the capon breast will be the smoothness of the Cep mushroom sauce Sugosi® - i Grandi Classici; the buffalo ricotta will meet the oriental aroma of Saffron Sauce Sugosi® - i Prestigiosi.

These are only some of the sophisticated taste harmonies of Xmas Carols 2.0, the recipe booklet dedicated to Christmas and created by the De Gusto - l’Ateneo della Pasta Team of Chefs, to celebrate the Christmas holidays. A new series of recipes designed to take advantage of the potential and the tastes of the Sugosi®, frozen prepared sauces and creams, created to facilitate the work in every kind of kitchen, from the most traditional to the most futuristic.


Prepared using top-quality ingredients, thanks to freezing, the Sugosi® products keep all their sensory properties unaltered - taste, consistency, aromas - and they are already portioned, because they are divided into convenient nuggets: making it therefore possible to use only the necessary quantity, conserving the rest.

Additionally, thanks to the Sugosi® products, you save time in the cooking line and in all the food preparation operations, because they are ready to use, as if they had just been prepared and are immediately usable, in every kind of dish.


It is indeed their extreme versatility that makes them ideal for enhancing every dish and any menu, from the antipasto to the dessert, completing the array of ingredients and exalting the equilibrium and harmony of tastes and aromas.

This is a characteristic that has allowed the Chefs of De Gusto to reinvent some of the foods that have always been the stars of the Christmas table, creating seven new recipes, ideal for the holidays and for the most refined menus.

This is how the salt cod will meet more seasoned and bolder notes thanks to the Saffron sauce Sugosi® - i Prestigiosi, how the Jerusalem artichoke cream Sugosi® - i Prestigiosi blends with the seafood notes of the red shrimps or how the the flavour of the marinated scampi is exalted thanks to the Scampi sauce Sugosi® - i Prestigiosi. There are no limits to the imagination, and creativity becomes the main ingredient of every recipe, ideal for every menu, including yours.

Discover all the recipes that the Chefs of De Gusto - l’Ateneo della Pasta have created for you, and let yourself be inspired. For Christmas you need a surprising menu, all it takes are our Sugosi® and your imagination.

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